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Lifting the Veil

A Witches' Guide to Trance-Prophecy, Drawing Down the Moon, and Ecstatic Ritual

By Gavin Bone, Janet Farrar

Trade Paper
ISBN 9781936863853

Lifting the Veil cover

Lifting the Veil

By Gavin Bone, Janet Farrar

Trade Paper
ISBN 9781936863853

About Lifting the Veil

The Four Keys to Trance-Prophecy

Written to fill a gap in the current available knowledge on trance, prophecy, deity possession, and mediumship within the neo-Pagan community, Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone developed Lifting the Veil from their personal work and public workshops on trance-prophecy and ecstatic ritual over the last twenty years. This guide covers the history as well as the modern methods of practice, including Drawing Down the Moon ("deity assumption"), sex magic, and working with the spirits of the dead.

This manual also features the Four Keys to Trance-Prophecy: the importance of understanding mythical cosmology and psychology, understanding the role of energy in trance, the nature of spirits and deity, and understanding what trance is and the techniques involved. Because trance-prophecy is a very subjective process, this examination includes descriptions of the personal experiences of others and transcriptions from several independent sessions by modern seers and priestesses. Foreword by M. Macha NightMare.

About the Author: Gavin Bone

Gavin Bone is a registered nurse and natural spiritual (empathic) healer. He was initiated into Ray Buckland's Seax-Wica in 1985. He has also explored shamanism and Eastern paths, examining their relationship with ancient European spiritual... Full biography

About the Author: Janet Farrar

Janet Farrar is a leading voice in Wicca. She is best known for her pioneering work with her late husband, journalist Stewart Farrar. Together they produced some of the classic texts of modern Paganism, including the best-selling A Witches'... Full biography


'Lifting the Veil' is the complete guide to what many polytheists are seeking—direct communication with their Gods and Goddesses. … A comprehensive and powerful vision for developing an intimate relationship with the Gods.


I was highly impressed with the many taboos which Janet and Gavin dealt with regarding trance-prophecy and Drawing Down the Moon. ... Highly recommended!


A new "classic." Janet's and Gavin's workshops are amazingly informative and educational. For those who have not attended any or who have been unable to make contact, here is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the experts. The subjects are dealt with in depth and explained in an easily understandable style that encourages experimentation and practice. Expanding on such traditional rites as Drawing Down the Moon, these acclaimed coven priests continue on their path of leadership, helping expand the horizons of witchcraft and paganism generally. I am personally pleased to see that they do not neglect the history of these practices, promoting the divine and sacred Mysteries, yet focusing on modern-day practices and beliefs. They include wonderful photographs and illustrations together with appendices on prayers and sacred rites and an excellent glossary.


Groundbreaking and eye-opening, rekindling the art of oracular ritual, 'Lifting the Veil' by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone brings to light the reemergence of the sibyl in modern paganism. The techniques allow you to access deeper connections with the divine and give over more fully to the invoking process. A must read for advanced practitioners.


An informative guide to trance work for modern Pagans.


Dynamic practice and thoughtful research. ... Recommended reading for students.


This is an important groundbreaking work, an essential guide for those who seek to develop their own prophetic skills, understand paranormal experiences or expand their esoteric knowledge.


In this groundbreaking book, the authors pen an engaging and scholarly history of seers, oracles and prophets, one that provides solid evidence that while throughout the centuries the flame of prophecy waxed and waned, it never died out. It is as accessible today as ever it was, and in these chapters, seekers and seers will rediscover how to initiate and safely interact with Gods and Ancients, spirits and magic.