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Mike Nichols is the celebrated author of The Witches' Sabbats book and—the ultimate resources on Pagan holidays and related writings—and a contributing author to Creating Circles & Ceremonies. Mike has been a featured speaker on National Public Radio, Spiral Dance Radio, and Eclectic Pagan Podcast (episodes 16 and 22) on iTunes. He does extensive online teaching and writing, occasionally guest lectures at Pagan festivals, and performs in a Pagan band called Spellbound.

A pioneer in the American neo-Pagan movement, Nichols taught classes in Witchcraft for twenty years continuously, from 1970 to 1989, in Columbia and Kansas City, Missouri, through the Communiversity and at his bookstore, The Magick Lantern. He was also the editor of The Lantern's Light , the store's in-house publication. A founding member of the Coven of New Gwynedd, Nichols was the first Wiccan representative on the Kansas City Interfaith Council.

Nichols is a lifelong student of the Craft and, after years of research, writing, and teaching, he still considers himself a student. He received his BA from the University of Missouri, with a double major in communications and psychology (specializing in parapsychology). He has done graduate work in the field of library and information science.

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Feature Interview at The Wiccan/Pagan Times
Eclectic Pagan Podcast Interview - iTunes - FREE
Recorded May 21, 2007
In this hour-long interview, the hosts and Mike discuss the upcoming Midsummer holiday, current Pagan issues, and touch on music and animation. The podcast may be downloaded for free at either iTunes or Eclectic Pagan Podcast's Web site.
Eclectic Pagan Podcast Interview - iTunes - FREE
Recorded Nov. 12, 2006
In an hour-long interview with podcaster Tom Brisson, Mike discusses his book, The Witches' Sabbats; the history of the Craft in America; and related topics. The podcast may be downloaded for free at either iTunes or Eclectic Pagan Podcast's Web site.


Mike has been an important and respected figure in the midwestern Pagan community for more than 30 years. His influence on many of the people now active in Paganism was primarily transmitted through the 20 years of Witchcraft classes he taught in Columbia and Kansas City, Missouri, through his bookstore, The Magick Lantern, which was a haven for those interested in Paganism during the '80s, and through his publication, The Lantern's Light, which was an excellent example of Pagan writing and editing.

Mike's abilities as researcher, writer, and teacher have included his studies and publications in such fields as psychical research, the occult, theology, mythology, folklore and music, as well as Witchcraft and Paganism. His talents in song writing, music recording and mixing, and computers round out his amazing resume.

Many of Mike's articles — including his beloved essays on the Pagan holidays — have been available in the file areas of various Pagan computer bulletin boards since 1988, and have by now reached and influenced a worldwide readership."
—Dallas Heltzell, online news editor-producer, The Denver Post

Mike Nichols is a rare treasure ... His feet are firmly placed on the terra firma of tradition and he holds a wealth of knowledge and lore, while at the same time he embraces our evolution, and the new people who join us, with an open mind and an open heart."
—M. Macha NightMare, author of Pagan Pride: Honoring the Craft and Culture of Earth and Goddess and coauthor, with Starhawk, of The Pagan Book of Living and Dying